Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops is proud to offer a variety of classes and teachers gathered in one locale with every workshop conducted in its own safe and private environment where you always have access to your teacher.

All class videos are put up from the very start of each workshop, no doling out week to week of videos, because we know everyone works differently, so each workshop is truly self paced to fit the way you work and learn.

Our workshops are open-ended which means there is not a take down date, so you don't need to feel rushed with time limits. And your workshop is available 24/7 so you can fit it to your own schedule instead of the other way around. This does not mean classes don't get retired, but if they do, we give everyone plenty of notice and plenty of time to finish a class.
Due to the variety of teachers that we work with, and out of respect to differing copyright issues for each, our classes can not be downloaded.

All our videos use Adobe Flash.
We'd be pleased if you would take a moment to read our Class Policies and FAQ pages. They have lots of answers to lots of your questions. You'll find tabs for each at the top of the page.

All of our classes are listed at the

Shabby Cottage Studio store (our sister site), along with all the information pertinent to each class.

You will also find all our workshops below with a link to each specific class page.

If there is no start date listed next to a class that means that class is open and you can join at any time.
Our classes are open-ended, meaning no end date. This does not mean classes don't get retired, but when they do, we give everyone plenty of notice and plenty of time to finish a class.

You must be a member of Creative Workshops to access any class you purchase.

Creative Workshops

Hello and a warm welcome to all! We're very happy you're here!

At Creative Workshops we present a variety of open-ended video workshops to all who are interested in dipping their fingers into the inspiration pool. New workshops will be offered on an as available basis. All skill levels are welcome.

We offer the opportunity to stretch your imagination, look at possibilities with fresh eyes, a challenging perspective and learn something new, not just about art, but about yourself.

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."